Just like the Choctaw Native Americans of 150 years ago, the Community of Cuala are sending funds to feed staving people in a distant famine-stricken land.  Almost 100 Cuala folk and their friends gathered in the majestic Glenalo Valley in Glendalough on an almost balmy January morning. Those who were celebrating Sams arrival on the previous evening are exempt from accepting this description.

The Hikers, aged from 6 years to 70 (something) years, had a wonderful walk along the valley and up onto The Spinc before enjoying averitable feast on the remnants of Christmas fare while looking down on the beautiful lakes below.

Many thanks to the Hikers for their time, energy, compassion and to those who sponsored them for their hard-earned cash.  If anyone has outstanding contributions could they let Kevin Spain know 086 8280192 or gsks@eircom.net

And a special thank you to all those who helped organise this worthwhile initiative. As we say “More than just a club . . .”



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