Ah! The aroma of freshly brewed coffee – don’t you just love it.  And that’s just what the patrons of  Cuala’s Youth Café will experience – if only we had a coffee machine.

The Youth Café will provide an opportunity for young people age 16 to 18 yrs to socialise in a friendly Cuala environment  and Dayo is on the lookout for a suitable coffee machine that will dispense Coffee, Cappuccinos, Lattes etc..  We’re looking for a simple-to-operate model of the “just press the button” type

This is where you come in. These machines are expensive and we are wondering if there is anybody out there who might be in a position to donate a machine, or help with the cost of providing one.  Or maybe you know where we could find a machine at the right price? If so, Dayo would like to but you a cup of coffee and discuss. You can contact him at

Damien Byrne,
Manager, Sports and Social Integration Project
086-6040998 cualassip@gmail.com