It is essential that all adults who wish to undertake a role of responsibility with children and young people, whether in a paid or unpaid capacity, undergo a comprehensive recruitment and selection procedure prior to commencing their role.

Adults that wish to work with underage teams should familarise themselves with the following procedures;

    1. Role clarification
      The role and responsibilities envisaged e.g. manager, coach, volunteer and the team’s age group should be clearly known and stated at the outset. Any specific levels of experience or qualifications required should also be clarified in advance.
    2. Role assistance
      The various supports available via the club, e.g. Foundation Level Coaching, Child Safeguarding Training are basic good practice that should assist adults who wish to work with underage teams in the promotion of our Gaelic Games.
    3. Application form
      Applicants should complete the Coach , Volunteer and Mentor Application Form below prior to being considered for a coaching role.
    4. References
      Applicants should submit references. These may refer to the person’s character and if applicable to their previous background in sports and in Gaelic Games. References should be verified.
    5. Vetting and police checks
      All applicants are required in law to complete Garda Vetting and/or Police Checks, as appropriate, prior to the commencement of their role(s) with young people in the Association.
    6. Child safeguarding training and coaching qualification
      All persons working with underage players are required to undertake recognised Child Safeguarding Training as promoted by the Gaelic Games Associations and must also possess a recognised coaching qualification.
    7. Code of Behaviour
      All persons who work with young people will be required to sign the Code of Behaviour & return declaration to children’s officer to have it recorded on the Cuala CoachReg system.
      declaration LINK HERE