The Cuala registrar was contacted late last week and informed of a data breach at the site of our membership system, Clubforce.. The incident happened in March 2018 but has only come to light now. Clubforce have issued a statement – see below. When next you access the system please change your password.

“Clubforce has recently become aware of a legacy incident (dated March 2018) involving an automated but sophisticated hack of one element of our platform, containing user emails and passwords.

No financial data (or any other personal data) was obtained during the incident and all financial data is secured by a double-lock system.

Clubforce self-reported this matter to the Data Protection Commission [DPC] within hours of becoming aware of it. We have concluded a forensic security audit of all aspects of our platform. This is in addition to our continuous investment in evolving best practice for online security.

We are now contacting service users to advise that you reset the password you use to log in to Clubforce.