We are looking to wind down the Community Call Shopping Initiative from Monday 8th June. We have seen the number of requests drop significantly and people are starting to try and get back to a somewhat normal way of life.

Our Club coordinator Michael Jackson has informed DLRCOCO of our plans.

DLRCOCO have expressed their gratitude and admiration for what Cuala as a club has done in these exceptional times

“From my perspective, I would like to thank each and every one of you that got involved in such a short space of time to enable us to deliver over 2000 shopping requests to the most vulnerable in our community,” said Michael.

“The manner in which you all rallied and every task whether big or small was embraced without question. You shopped, walked dogs, put out bins, recycled, fixed doors, fixed washing machines, collected prescriptions , built hand rails and most importantly were a friendly face and a conversation that your regulars looked forward to every week.”

“Sometimes you would have been the only conversation they would have and they looked forward to seeing you every week and I know a lot of friendships have developed over the last few months which will continue when all this has passed.”

Those who answered the call are now asked to let your regulars know we are winding down and point them towards their local Super Valu or DLRCOCO. Of course if there are any vulnerable people we will continue to help them . If you believe any of your regulars should be kept in regular contact with can you email Michael directly on michael.jackson@fujitsu.com .

“I have been working for 30 years plus and the last few months have been the most rewarding and I know that all of you have got a lot out of this experience,” added Michael.

“The GAA club has traditionally been the heart of the parish and a part of the community and I am so proud of how Cualaresponded to this crisis and how as a club we came together to support the community that we are all a part of.”

“Thank you all for your support, apologies to those who registered but we did not get around to using but we will in the future. What you and the Club has done over these few months has made a difference to people’s lives so you should be proud of yourselves and the Club we are all a part of. So once again thank you all and you can relax now and not wait for the dreaded text or email from me .”