This was a truly great match all the girls played extremely well. From the outset the girls were determined to win, as this was their fourth league camogie match and they had narrowly lost their first three matches. The team put St. Vincent’s under great pressure and after 15 minutes play, it finally paid off when Jennifer scored a goal from a 45.

When St. Vincent’s did manage to get the ball up to the Cuala end our defence was excellent and Niamh made some brilliant passes right up the field. There was a lot of high play and our defence made some great saves from Vincent’s 45s. There were some great hand passes from Albha, she and Niamh worked well together. This was a very tough match and our girls did get hurt but they kept going, making some great tackles. At one point Alison was tackling four of the St. Vincent’s players on her own, she was fearless. We scored again when after a long pass from Niamh at the back, Fiona managed to put the ball through the posts.

Bríd like all the girls had a great game, but she will remember this game because of the rough tackles and smashed hurls, not being satisfied with breaking her own hurl in the first half she went on to break a replacement hurl in the second half, such was the tempo of the game. During half-time the team had a great talk from coaches Orla, Celestine and Maria. The team started the second half of the match with great gusto. Rosa and Rachel were great at getting stuck in. St. Vincent’s were equal to Cuala in that they upped their game and became even more physical , finally they managed to score a goal, despite a great defence by Caoimhe and the rest of the girls.

Cuala were not discouraged they really put the pressure on. Jennifer played a blinder of a game she was fantastic and rightly won player of the match. Jennifer played 45 after 45 and after a great effort by all the girls including Niamh, Bríd, Katie and Orlaith, Rebecca scored our third goal.

St. Vincent’s were not happy and continued to play a very tough game with more of our girls getting injured, but our girls have spirit and were not put off. However St. Vincent’s did manage to score another goal close to the end just as one of our girls got injured but the ref did allow the goal. This was a fantastic match to watch our girls have shown, that despite their past they are a great camogie team. We expect to see great things from them as they continue to improve as they have done.

Team members: Jennifer Dunne, Rachel, Orlaith Alison, Rebecca, Katie, Albha, Bríd, Rosa, Caoimhe, Fiona, and Niamh.

Player of the match: Jennifer Dunne