Club Chair Damian McKeown was a guest on Sport for Business this morning talking about how Cuala is preparing for the return to training on June 29th.

Together with the other material on the website, this is really important for all mentors, players and parents to become familiar with.

There is a great sense of excitement about getting back on pitches within a few short weeks but a mountain of work to be undertaken to make sure it all takes place safely.

It is worth a few minutes to watch back on what Damian is saying.

We will update each week in the run-up to the 29th so that everyone is familiar with what is required of all of us.

So in this first phase of actions undertaken since the date was announced last Friday, here is the Cuala Chairman chatting with Rob Hartnett…



Find out about the protocols in preparing to return to training

Can you help out at a club or team level?