Application is open to all Cuala members who are studying a third level course in any of the following three areas (minimun Level 7):

  • STEM
    • Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics; in addition to Manufacturing or Supply Chain.
  • Future teachers of STEM
    • Primary: PME (Professional Master of Education); Bachelor of Education
    • Post-Primary: PME Teaching of STEM subjects; Bachelor of Science Education; Bachelor of Education in Technology, Engineering and Graphics; Bachelor of Science in Physical Education with Biology; Bachelor of Science in Physical Education with Mathematics
  • Health Care
    • Nursing: General; Children’s; Midwifery; Intellectual Disability; Psychiatric Nursing
    • Pharmacy; Medicine; Physiotherapy; Radiology

Previous recipients

  • Previous shortlisted panel recipients may reapply for up to one more successful instance
  • The recipient of the €5,000 bursary is not eligible to reapply the following year


There is a 3-stage process (1) Review and Shortlist (2) Interview (3) Decision and Award

STAGE 1: All applications received by the closing date will be reviewed by an independent 3-person panel within Cuala. The review panel is tasked to select a shortlist of 5.

STAGE 2: The shortlist of 5 will be contacted and invited for interview with AMGEN. Interview dates to be confirmed. Unsuccessful applicants will be advised.

STAGE 3: Interviews with AMGEN: On completion of interviews stage, AMGEN will make a final decision on awarding the overall bursary. All 5 interview applicants will be contacted to advise of success or otherwise and the successful applicant will be announced.

Bursary Scheme Terms and Conditions

A €5,000 Bursary is based on certain criteria. The Bursary is exclusive to members of Cuala GAA for third level study in any of the three areas STEM; Future teachers of STEM; Health Care. Applications are invited from existing members who are currently attending or commencing full time education courses in these fields. Bursary of €1,000 is available for 4 other shortlisted players.

1.0 Definitions

1.1 “AMGEN / Cuala Partnership Bursary” means that a total of €5,000 will be awarded to the winning recipient and a €1,000 bursary will be awarded to the other 4 shortlisted candidates from the AMGEN / Cuala Partnership funds. The Bursarys are exclusive to Cuala GAA members to assist them on their chosen education path. Applications are invited from anyone who is currently attending or commencing full time educational courses.

2.0 Eligibility

2.1 All eligible members can apply to participate in the Bursary Scheme by completing the Bursary Application Form.

3.0 Bursary Scheme Rules

3.1 All applicants must be a member of Cuala GAA for at least 3 months.

3.2 Applicants must be residing in the Republic of Ireland.

3.3 An applicant commencing or participating on a course must be undertaken with an education body that is recognised by the Department of Education.

3.4 Applications will be accepted from students who have already commenced their course as well as those applying for the first time.

3.5 The course duration must be at least one year.

3.6 The successful applicant will receive the Bursary on the condition that they have been accepted on the third level course and proof of acceptance will be required.

3.7 All applicants are required to complete the Bursary Application Form.

3.8 The decision on Bursary recipient is final.

3.9 You may be called for an interview as part of the selection process.

4.0 Undertaking

4.1 In participating in the AMGEN / Cuala Bursary Scheme, the member agrees to make themselves aware of and abide by the Bursary Terms & Conditions.

5.0 Interpretation

5.1 These Terms & Conditions constitute the salient terms applicable to the provision of the Bursary Scheme.

6.0 Amendment of Terms & Conditions

6.1 AMGEN reserves the right to vary these terms and conditions. AMGEN reserves the right at all times to introduce new conditions or to vary or amend existing conditions.