The following Motions have been recieved for consideration at the forthcoming AGM – to be held on 8th December –

Motion 1: Amendment to the Constitution

Proposed by: Garrett McDermott
Seconded by: Ciaran Irwin

Pursuant to a motion carried at Minor Section AGM, and with regard to Rule F: General Meetings, it is proposed that the wording set out below be added to the Club’s Constitution.  In Section ‘D’ Coiste (Executive Committee), Rule 8. Currently reads  – “The Coiste shall meet at least once each quarter and four shall constitute a quorum at a meeting of the Coiste”

“8a. Minutes of all meetings will be maintained.

8b. Notice will be given to all Coiste members of its meetings.”

(Rationale: That a form of words be identified to confirm minutes are kept, and notice given of Coiste meetings.  This was carried at the Minor Committee AGM, and furthermore Peadar McAdan and Ken O’Sullivan confirmed their understanding that this is best practice and that a written protocol is in existence to apply this.  A motion to this effect will be put down for Cuala AGM.)

Motion 2: Amendment to the Constitution

Proposed:        Peadar Mc Adam
Seconded:        Seamus Coyle
Endorsed by An Coiste

That the following clauses be added to the relevant sections of the Constitution:

  1. Meetings will be conducted in a fair and proper manner having regard to best practise as set out in the GAA Club Manual and in any other club procedures or arrangements that have been defined and notified to members.
  2. The Chairman, when present, shall preside over all meetings of An Coiste; in his absence, the Vice-Chairman shall preside.
  3. If both the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman are absent, the Committee shall elect an Officer present to preside at the Meeting.
  4. The Secretary shall record the minutes of each meeting.
  5. The Minutes shall specify the date of the Meeting, those present, and a brief account of the Meeting, and shall be read to the next Meeting or circulated in advance in paper or electronic form.
  6. Such Minutes, if agreed as being accurate or having been appropriately amended, shall be declared adopted by the Chairman or presiding Officer, having been first proposed and seconded.
  7. “Notice” and “Notice in Writing” shall encompass –
    a) paper notifications posted by ordinary mail or despatched by courier between a members last recorded postal address and the Club
    b) electronic mail transmitted between a member’s last recorded email address and an email address designated by the Club
    c) any other method of electronic transmission having the consent of the member and where the identity of the member can be validated.

Motion 3: Amendment to the ConstitutionProposed: Peadar Mc Adam

Seconded: Seamus Coyle
Endorsed by An Coiste

That in Section D: Coiste (Executive Committee), Section 8,  the rule –
The Coiste shall meet at least once each quarter and four shall constitute a quorum at a meeting of the Coiste.”

Be replaced by
An Coiste shall meet at least once each quarter, and six members present, at least two of who are Officers, shall constitute a quorum at a meeting of An Coiste.”

Motion 4: Amendments to Bylaws – Annual Rates of Subscription

Proposed by: Seamus Coyle
Seconded by: Adrian Dunne

That Bylaws 9.1 to 9.4. be amended thus-

“9.1.. Rates of Annual Subscription for all members in 2012 shall be –

xxxxx Full (Adult) ~  Non-Playing € 90.00
Full (Adult) ~ Playing €180.00
Full (Retired) ~ i.e. Over 65, Non Playing € 10.00
Full (Student) /– Non-Playing €45.00
Full (Student)–Playing €135.00
Introductory Adult – Playing €145.00
Introductory Adult – Non-Playing €55.00
Temporary (Social) €50.00
Juvenile – Playing €135.00
Juvenile – Non-Playing €45.00
Family with no Players €175.00
Family with 1 Player €265.00
Family with 2 Player €355.00
Family with 3 or more Players €420.00

9.2. That a Family Annual Subscription may, by arrangement made before 1st Mar 2012, be paid in up to three instalments payable between 1 Feb 2012 and 30 Apr 2012.

9.3. The implementation of any arrangement described in 9.2 shall be deemed to fulfil the requirement for Annual Subscriptions to be paid before 1 Mar 2012.

9.4. For every Annual Subscription properly received from its associated players, €70.00 shall be allocated to the relevant Games Section to defray legitimate team expenses”

AND that the following Bye Law shall be abolished –

“12. The minimum Team Fee payable by all playing members for the year 2011 shall be €90.00”

Motion 5: Appointment of Auditor

Proposed by: Seamus Coyle
Seconded by: Ken O’Sullivan

That Manus Brady & Co be appointed as Independent Auditor in respect of the Financial Accounts for the year 2012.