A reminder to our Adult Players, Officials and their Supporters.  The Adult Games Section AGM takes place at 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday 21st November in  Fitzpatrick’s Hotel, Killiney Castle.

  1. Secretary’s Report
  2. Treasurer’s Report
  3. Football Report (on field, management, coaching, aims, facilities)
  4. Hurling Report (on field, management, coaching, aims, facilities)
  5. Adult Coiste Representative Report
  6. Ratification of Team Managements 2013 for recommendation to an Coiste Cuala for appointment.
  7. Closed Season – Training/Activities, Hurling & Football
  8. Fund Raising
  9. Proposal of Motions for Cuala AGM to be supported/sponsored by the Adult Games Section
  10. Proposal of members for Coiste 2013 for Cuala AGM
  11. Review of current Structure of Adult Games Administration & Management and Player Representatio (currently, AG Committee & 2 Forums/Focus Groups – H&F)
  12. AOB
  13. Election of Adult Games Committee Officers for 2013 proposed and seconded from the floor
Please bring reports plus copies to the meeting or email them to me in advance.
Paul Linnane,
Runai AGC.