Mini All Ireland 2014

The Academy Mini All Ireland will start on Monday the 16th of June with mid week matches for the boys and girls.

The finals will be played on Saturday the 21st June were the fun will begin with our parade through Dalkey Village.  We will all gather at the Sue Ryder foundation at 9am.

Bring along your own musical instruments – bodhrans, tin whistles – to help our piper who will be leading the parade.

All the kids play on Saturday as the final matches of the week are played out! Your year mentor and bainisteoir will let you know your match schedule which can also be found here for printing.

There will be snacks and fun for all the family. Friends and extended family especially welcome!

Matches start the week of June 16th – with the finals on Saturday June 21st.  

You can find all the information you need here:

The eight leagues will be, 2005 Boys, 2005 Girls, 2006 Boys, 2006 Girls, 2007 Boys, 2007 Girls, 2008 Boys and 2008 Girls.  Each team plays 3 matches on 2 weekday nights (3 football, 3 hurling; total 6 matches). There are no winners or losers in any league.

Match time and Pitches

Saturday Match Schedule
Your team may well be using different pitches on Saturday so please check the pitch schedule carefully.

Mid Week Match Schedule
Each year group is scheduled for particular days, and team match times. You can find the schedules and pitch locations for each team by clicking on the links below:

Girls 2005        Girls 2006        Girls 2007        Girls 2008

Boys 2005        Boys 2006       Boys 2007        Boys 2008

The full schedule and pitches being used per match are here.

Team List
Each year group has been divided into different teams. You can find the team list and bainisteoir by clicking on the links below:

Girls 2005        Girls 2006        Girls 2007        Girls 2008

Boys 2005        Boys 2006        Boys 2007        Boys 2008

Information for Bainisteoirs

Thank you for those parents who have volunteered to be bainisteoirs for a team. The bainisteoirs are present for their two weekday evening sessions & Saturday and co-ordinate parents/kids for the various sessions. If you are a bainisteoir, please read the full instructions here.

Parents Information

You can find instructions on what to bring to the match sessions and the general organisation of the Mini All Ireland here.  Saturday Parade, Finals & Fun day (June 21st) is the big final day with a parade through Dalkey to Hyde Park followed by 2 matches for each team.

This is followed by presentations, photographs and a lunch pack for kids/bainisteoirí.  Teams & Bainisteoirí (with parents) will parade through Dalkey to the Hyde Park pitches and then a schedule of games will take place.  At the end each child gets a trophy and a lunch pack.  We will encourage families and supporters to make banners etc to build atmosphere for parade and final matches.

We’ll have over 1000 players/parents/siblings/grandparents in Hyde Park on the Saturday.

After the awards we also have Gaelic for Moms and Gaelic for Dads Mini All Ireland matches.

Players (Kids) Information
To all the players, click here to see what you need to remember and to set up your own checklist!


Mini All Ireland for the grown ups!!!

Why should the kids have all the fun? do you have a pair of football boots?  would you like to play gaelic and show the kids how you think it should be done?

You are in luck!!  Cuala brings you Gaelic4Mothers and Gaelic4Dads so there is no reason for anyone to be left on the side line during this event.

Gaelic4Mothers – Coming back to the Mini All Ireland again this year for another round of competitive matches to see which team will walk away with the cup!!  I think anyone who has previously played in this competition will agree that it is great fun and a great way to get to know others.  All you need is a pair of football boots, you do not need any gaelic experience! If you’d like to sign up for this years competition then drop an email to  Training is on wed evenings at 8.30 in thomastown, new members are always welcome to come along.

Gaelic4Dads – If you’re a Dad, why not bring your boots/runners and win your own bag of crisps? We’re having a short competition after the main MAI – a kickabout with small teams. Even if you haven’t made it to the Friday training (yet), or haven’t played much, don’t worry the standard is not high (except for Gary Widger…) and we’d love to see you. Just wing us an email at to put your name down. Fáilte roimh cách!