Four years after its last revamp, isn’t it about time your website was given a makeover? We’re delighted therefore to be bringing you this improved site and we hope you’ll find it to be a useful resource for staying in touch with all the goings-on in and around Cuala. You’ll experience a number of key improvements

  • Behind the scenes, we’ve set up a formal governance structure based around a new Cuala On-Line Committee
  • The site will be a lot easier to maintain and this has given us the opportunity to involve a wider selection of members in its publication. We have now deployed a team of approved Web Publishers across the various units in the club. These are the guys you should contact if you want to have something posted on the site. The Web Publisher will work with nominated Web Reporters – those are the people on the ground who’ll feed match reports and news to the Publishers. You can see who looks after each Games Section on the Cuala On-Line Page
  • You’ll notice too that we have imporoved the layout so there’s a clear distinction between
    – on-the-pitch activities – Games & Coaching links are given pride of place across the top
    – sideline activities – important organisational material can be accessed along the left-hand margin
  • We are now in a position to give you easy access to lots of historical postings. These are accessible using
    – the back page numbers at the foot of the Front Page
    – the Search Box (top left)
  • A core editorial policy underpinning the site will be its focus on linking you with up-to-the-minute news. We hope that every time you visit, there will be something new to see. But please remember, the Web publishers will be depending on you the members to keep us updated on what’s happening in your team.

Watch out for further features coming in the weeks ahead. In the meantime – many thanks to Michael Goodwin & Liam O’Dowd for their work in developing the new site. And a special word of appreciation to Kelly Price ( for her invaluable support on both the Technical and Design front and for keeping Michael from going insane in the past few days. .