DOB: Let’s say I will be over 35 next year!

School(s): De La Salle National & Secondary

Schools, Churchtown

Occupation: Business Consultant with Ericsson

Favourite Position: Centre Back…and now on the line!

2012 in a quote: “2012, a remarkably unremarkable year”

Toughest opponent to date:

Christy Heffernan, Glenmore, Kilkenny – a huge man, awkward, unpredictable, always going for goals, very accurate, strong, and a really nice guy! Definitely not the person you want to mark as a full-back.He would break a hurl on you and then apologise sincerely.


What is your earliest memory of being coached in Cuala?:  

Shankill,  lower pitch… Jimmy Doyle (Club President) kneeling on one knee on the sideline, watching everything intently & Tom Holden (sen.) standi

ng beside him with a fag in his mouth.

If you were going to war in the morning what two players would you want by your side? Older age group: PJ Holden – in a row, the red-lad would always be in there no matter what the odds were. When we needed a goal, he was the man to be brought on!

Younger lad: Neasán MacGearailt (u15 hurler) – he never takes prisoners!

What is the best advice you ever got?

“Never sweat the small stuff…’s only small stuff!”

What advice would you give to young players? Always, always be in front; move the ball quickly; make it personal.

Who influenced you most as a player?

Brother Patrick and Brother Ignatius, two De La Salle brothers in National School, I wouldn’t have a love for Gaelic games without their influence.

What is your favourite memory from your career so far?

I like the “so far” bit… I have a number of great sporting memories:

Playing my first senior inter-county match against Limerick in Croke Park in the National League, captaining Dublin when beating Tipp, Cork, Kilkenny and Galway in the National League, playing for Cuala in the Senior Football Championship Final against Parnells….but the outstanding memory for me has to be captaining Cuala to win the Senior Hurling Championship.

Your aspirations for 2013 in a quote. “I decided to burn lots of calories this year…so I set Dayo on fire”


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