Dear Cuala Member,

Momentum is growing – 10 donations in 24 hrs!

Following the initial week of calling club members and the information night in Cuala last Friday, we’re pleased to report a large increase in family donations over the weekend. Let’s keep that momentum growing – if you intend to donate, please do it now!!

You can make your donation pledge here

50% of donations are now by standing order. You pick the amount and duration. It all counts to our total amount. Click here for bank form.

Information night a great success

There was a great turnout for last Friday’s Cuala information evening.  After a presentation by Declan Murray and Tommy Drummond there were lots of questions and statements of support by old and new members.  Many thanks to our inter-county players who took the time to come down and support the Stradbrook project.

Have you answered our call yet?

Thanks to all those who have taken calls from Cuala’s telemarketing team. They have received extremely positive feedback and have inspired many families to pledge, donate, or sign up to a standing order.

Some of the members who donated this week include…


“Our main reason was we have 3 kids involved in cuala and imagine they will be playing for at least next 10 years so that equates to an investment of  €6 per month per child over next 10 years. Not much when broken down like that.”, Karen O’Connor


Many Thanks,